Success Stories

Accountants Giving Back

It is important that the accountancy profession recognise the need to give back to the community and society.

We draw hope and inspiration of those who have done so from the following stories…

National Institute of Education Accounting Workshops


Chan Song Hua

“I volunteered to assist the National Institute of Education (NIE) teachers in the Accounting Workshops on starting from September till the November and December school holidays. These workshops were designed for secondary school students who are taking “Principles of Accounting” module to help them reinforce the content they have learnt during the year, as well as to help them in their weaker topics. Our participation was to help contribute ideas to developing interesting, realistic and applicable content for the workshops, such as worksheets and post-course e-learning content, and to provide additional support for the NIE teachers organising them.

As a facilitator and mentor during workshops, I was able to share with the students my work experiences and I could see that it had increased their passion and piqued their interests in accountancy. Through my interaction with the teachers, I was also able to exchange some knowledge and skills with the NIE teachers to help them develop more relevant contents. To this end, we helped the teachers develop interesting contents for the students using our own training experiences, which I hope will be further developed and used in the classrooms in the years to come.

I’ve also gained personally through my pro bono experience. I have made new friends from other firms/organizations and the education sector who share the same interest and passion for accounting, and we continue to stay in touch even after the pro bono work.

I truly hope that the students will benefit from our learning materials and gain an interest in the subject, and that someday they may join us in the accountancy profession.”

Tong Kah Haw

“I came to know about the NIE accounting resources development programme from my peers and decided to volunteer in it during the month of October 2014 in a team of five. The whole project lasted about three months. We were tasked to work with the NIE trainee teachers to create fun accounting resources and worksheets for secondary school students taking the Principles of Accounts subject. Part of the project also entailed a chance to head to the school to assist the teachers in executing hands-on accounting activities for the students. We facilitated team bonding activities and also accounting clinic sessions whereby students are tasked to solve challenging questions.

My most memorable takeaway from the Pro Bono project was to hear from the students’ about their career aspirations and dreams. It was really heartening when they asked endearing questions about career opportunities. I am glad to be able to help broaden their perspectives by sharing with them what it entails to be a professional external auditor

The Pro Bono experience has not only enabled me to discover new skills and friends, it has also made me reflect on life’s priorities and taught me to empathise with others. Most professionals in Singapore are so caught up in their hectic lifestyles that they have lost that sense of empathy and connection with their community. As societies become increasingly secular and marginalized due to factors such as rising income inequality, volunteering can really help to bridge the expanding gap and strengthen our social fabric.

I encourage my peers to find a project that closely matches their interests, and to volunteer wholeheartedly with the aim to make a difference. I will also encourage them to think about the project’s   sustainability, with the goal of making a lasting meaningful impact on the organization. Voluntary welfare organisations can benefit tremendously when corporates are willing to share their skills and expertise. I am very glad that through our collaboration with NIE, my team was able to contribute by developing accounting learning resources for these students. These resources will be impactful as they will continue to benefit future batches of students to come.”