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Email address for applications to send to.
Please indicate what services you would like the Pro Bono Accountants to do. Kindly refer to the Glossary for a list of common services
Please give a brief description of the volunteer project
Where should the Pro Bono Accountants be expected to go?
Please give an estimated number of hours required for completion of this project
How frequent would the Pro Bono Accountants be expected to participate?
How many volunteers would you require for the entire duration of the project?
What are the kind of skills you require? The more complex the task, the more probable that you require an experienced hand.

Please do note that this requirements are meant as a guideline for Pro Bono Accountants. Your project will still be available for all interested participants to apply and their interest will be sent directly to the email address supplied. The interested Pro Bono Accountants will make contact with you by indicating their interest through this Portal, with their contact details sent to your organisation through the email listed above. Interested Pro Bono Accountants are acting on their own individual capacity and do not represent Pro Bono Accountancy Singapore or any other organisation.

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